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In accordance with the provisions of article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on services of the information society and electronic commerce, we indicate that SPORTS LES CORTS SL is owned by
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This website aims to:
1. Offer users information related to our facilities, activities and services through the updated publication of everything necessary and related to us, schedules,…
2. Intellectual property and use of content

The content provided by Escola Pàdel Manyanet, as well as the content posted on the network through its website, constitute a work within the meaning of the legislation on intellectual property by which they are protected by applicable international laws and conventions. in the matter.

Any form of reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation, making available and, in general, any other act of public exploitation referred to both on the web pages and their contents and information, without express and prior written consent, is prohibited. Padel School Manyanet.

Consequently, all the contents displayed on the different websites and especially, designs, texts, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, software, trade names, trademarks, industrial drawings or any other sign susceptible to industrial and commercial use, are subject to to intellectual and industrial property rights of Escola Pàdel Manyanet or third-party owners thereof who have duly authorized their inclusion on the different websites.

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Any act by virtue of which the users of the services or contents can exploit or use commercially, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, of any of the contents, images, forms, indexes and other formal expressions that form part of the web pages without prior written permission from Escola Pàdel Manyanet.

Specifically, and without being exhaustive, acts of reproduction, distribution, exhibition, transmission, re-transmission, emission in any form, storage in physical or logical supports (for example, diskettes or computer drives), digitalization or made available from databases other than those belonging to those authorized by Escola Pàdel Manyanet, as well as its translation, adaptation, arrangement or any other transformation of these opinions, images, forms, indexes and other formal expressions that are made available to users through the services or content, as long as such records are subject to the applicable legislation on intellectual property, industrial property or image protection.

Escola Pàdel Manyanet is free to limit access to the web pages, and to the products and/or services offered therein, as well as the consequent publication of opinions, observations, images or comments that users may send to through email.

Escola Pàdel Manyanet, in this sense, may establish, if it considers it appropriate, without prejudice to the sole and exclusive responsibility of the users, the necessary filters in order to prevent content from being accessed through its web pages. or opinions, considered racist, xenophobic, discriminatory, pornographic, defamatory or that, in any way, encourage violence or the dissemination of clearly illegal or harmful content.

Those users who send suggestions, observations, opinions or comments to the Escola Pàdel Manyanet website, to its department through the email service, unless they express the contrary in a certain and unmistakable way, in the cases in which which by the nature of the services or contents this is possible, it is understood that they authorize Escola Pàdel Manyanet for the reproduction, distribution, exhibition, transmission, retransmission, emission in any format, storage in physical or logical supports (for example, diskettes or computer disks), digitization, making available from databases belonging to Escola Pàdel Manyanet, translation, adaptation, arrangement or any other transformation of such observations, opinions or comments, for the entire protection period copyright that is legally provided. Likewise, it is understood that this authorization is made free of charge, and that by sending such observations, opinions or comments by email, users decline any remuneration claim from Escola Pàdel Manyanet.

In accordance with what is indicated in the previous paragraph, Escola Pàdel Manyanet is also authorized to proceed with the modification or alteration of such observations, opinions or comments, in order to adapt them to the editorial format needs of the web pages, Without this, it can be understood that there is absolutely no type of injury to any of the moral faculties of copyright that users may hold over them.

Any of the technical, logical or technological resources by virtue of which a third party can benefit, directly or indirectly, with or without profit, from each and every one of the contents, forms, indexes and other formal expressions are prohibited. that are part of the web pages, or of the effort carried out by Escola Pàdel Manyanet for its operation. Specifically, any link, hyperlink, framing or similar link that can be established in the direction of the Escola Pàdel Manyanet website is prohibited, without the prior, express and written consent of Escola Pàdel Manyanet. Any transgression of the provisions in this point will be considered as an infringement of the legitimate intellectual property rights of Escola Pàdel Manyanet on the website and all its contents.

Escola Padel Manyanet will not assume any responsibility for consequences derived from the behaviors and actions mentioned above, in the same way that it will not assume any responsibility for the contents, services, products, etc,… of third parties that can be accessed directly or through banners, links, links, hyperlinks, framing or similar links from the Escola Pàdel Manyanet website.

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